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Lewis Knight is a self-described neo-pulp author. In his own words:

"My stories are throwbacks to the paperbacks you'd stuff in your back pocket and read on the bus, at the park, or in math class instead of doing your algebra. I write adventure stories. Genre-blended, action-oriented pulp fiction with a kick. People come for the action and stay for the appealing characters. If that's what you're looking for, then I'm your guy."

If you pick up a Lewis Knight story, you'll get lost in his fast-paced tales of gritty futures, epic fantasy, sweeping adventure, chilling suspense, humorous jargon, and dynamic characters.

But he's not just a writer of genre fiction. He's also a reader — a fan. The type of guy who will happily engage in discussions on Star Wars, comic book movies, great television shows — you name it, he has an enthusiastic opinion. So check out a book and see what you think. Chances are, you'll probably have an enthusiastic opinion too.

Lewis currently resides in Birmingham, Al, with his wife. He works full-time in the flour milling industry so you can have bread on your table. His other interests include movies, books, art, photography, and procrastination.

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